Quality Flooring Services for Commercial Clients

Specializing in:

Pattern Matching

KL Installation has over 15 years of installation experience in Pattern matching. We can either perform your initial installation or we can repair bowing, skewing and pattern elongation of materials installed by other companies. We have successfully completed hundreds of turnkey pattern matching installs. Also, often we are called by the manufacturer to go to a job because an installer says the carpet is defective because it is out of tolerance. However, most times it is an installer inexperienced with pattern installs. Depending on our assessment and the desires of customer and manufacturer at this point one of two things will happen 1. We take over the installation and complete to customer satisfaction or 2. We work with the current installer and teach them what we know and we work as a team to complete the installation to customers satisfaction. We have spent years honing our skills and at times have had to rely on the experience of those who have "come before us" so to speak. We are always ready to "pay it forward" and teach the up and coming installers a few tricks.

Carpet Tile Replacement

KL installation has expansive experience in carpet tile replacements and installations. Carpet tiles are installed in a variety of applications ranging from Corporate offices, to retail outlets to Government facilities. Over the years we have honed our process to make for the most seamless installation / replacement possible. We can either move traditional office furniture or use our lift system to gently raise modular workstations.

Market Segments:

We have 15 plus years of hospitality installations ranging from new construction to renovations. We can adapt our schedule to meet the needs of the general contractor or that of an operational hotel. We install Carpet, Hardwood, Vinyl, LVT, LVP or Ceramic.

We can seamlessly handle your installation of broadloom carpet or carpet tiles we can move traditional furniture or lift existing workstations with the use of our furniture lift system. We can accommodate your schedule by working nights and or weekends to allow your organization to fulfill the needs of your customers. Our crews have completed installations for small corporations employing less than fifty people to corporations employing 300,000 employees. We have also completed several installations for high level security facilities.

We have 15 plus years of experience in working with senior care facilities and its residents. We are sensitive to the needs and requirements of the senior care staff and residents so that the facility can remain live.

We work after hours removing only what we can complete prior to the store opening the following business day so that there is no loss of Revenue and the store can remain fully operational.